RA Legal Conslts Limited
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Civil Law

Our professional assistance in relation to civil law includes assisting with completion of Court form, complying with court orders, assisting in County Court and other courts.

Criminal Law

Our experienced team will provide assistance with recommending solicitors for police station attendance 24/7, magistrates’ court assistance for any criminal offences.

Family Law

We understand family breakups, custody of children, financial arrangements can be very heart breaking and mostly painful experience .We are here to assist you with completion of such applicable forms attendance at Court where you will have an opportunity to put forward your case.

Police Station Representation 24-7

We will direct you to criminal law solicitors, accredited police station representatives who will be there to assist you in police station interviews etc.

Court Attendance

Our dedicated professional team will attend as McKenzie Friend at the Court including going through with the relevant paperwork as a McKenzie Friend.

Commercial Law

RA Legal Conslts Limited

All other areas of Law call us for any other area of law you require any assistance for a dedicated and professional team on your side.